Perhaps like you, I never found ‘answers’ from medical doctors…

From childhood I’ve never had many positive outcomes from seeing conventional doctors, however I did and still do have positive experiences from using homemade remedies and by figuring things out for myself.

As a child, I went foraging with my mum and Czech granny. We ate all sorts of things from the forest such as mushrooms which were breadcrumbed and lightly fried, nettles were made into a garlicky soup, berries were eaten just as or cooked into crumbles and turnovers or made into wine or jam, apples were cut and dried to make a healthy snack. We used the elderberry tree to make elderflower tea and elderberry syrup which are brilliant medicinal remedies for fever and as a natural antibiotic.

Dock Leaves were applied to stings or rashes, pure honey was applied to cat scratches, potato peel in a tea towel was wrapped around our throats as kids if we had a sore throat, dandelion milk was used on verruca’s…

When in my teens I had red scaly patches over my torso and thighs, I had a consultation at a top skin clinic in Harley Street, but we left none the wiser – we were told it was fungal and given a prescription of an emolient and that was that. So we did our own elimination diet and found the link – I was reacting to oranges and vitamin C supplements. After eliminating these, the problem went away forever.

I was never reliant on conventional medicine. There were a couple of episodes where I suffered from chronic tonsillitis. Each time I did enter a cycle of taking antibiotics but each time it came back. Once I linked it to where I worked, I left that place of work and then the tonsillitis never returned.

The next time conventional medicine said I needed antibiotics, I broke the antibiotic cycle using homeopathy. It worked within a day.

At one point in my life, I got re-occurring kidney infections. Again, the only solution from the doctor was antibiotics. This time I instead turned to energetic medicine – a type of hands off healing. Since that moment – 15 years ago – there has been no sign of the infection having returned.

Nutrition was something I became interested in from a very early age. At the age of 13, seeing lambs being slaughtered on the roadside in Turkey as part of the Festival of Sacrifice also known as Eid al-Adha – began my emotionally-fuelled journey into vegetarianism.

It was not an easy time. I was teased by friends and family and there were lots of tears. It was 1988 and there were no meat substitutes in those days. The answer to getting protein was eating a tin of baked beans!

In my later teens I explored veganism and for the next 20 years or so I was in and out of this – out mainly due to my weakness for cheese. Even when the first cheese substitutes came out, it just wasn’t the real thing! And with so little available information on hand, I started to take a multi-nutrient and probiotics daily.

 During these years I had dry skin, brittle nails, bouts of depression, slight OCD and an eating disorder – little did I know at the time that these were due to the lack of nutrients I was getting from my plant based diet.

I haven’t always been a nutritionist. Back then it wasn’t an obvious choice for a profession despite my passion for natural remedies and being one of my main hobbies.

I started out wanting to be an artist. When I missed the course by a day, I had to find something else to do so I chose something practical and useful, Business Studies. I excelled at this and went on to University and graduated with a specialisation in HRM.

 The degree was a ‘sandwich’ degree which meant you had to take a year out in a place of work. I knew I wanted to work in Television and during my efforts to get my foot in the door, my brother called me up from Hong Kong and suggested I visit. So I booked a ticket and two weeks later I was there. At first I couldn’t think of a place more opposite to my version of paradise! However, I discovered an island in the countryside and loved it and as a result, ended up staying for 2 years!  

 I came back to the UK to finish my degree, did an intensive practical 1-year course in TV, film, radio, theatre, acting, singing, dancing and then went back out to Hong Kong, with my future husband in tow, to find work.

I began with a job as a camera operator and I went on to work in the industry for 10 years. My final position was Head of Production for an independent production house, which I loved.


However, the long days, the stress, the coffee, the night living, the alcohol, the no-sleep working on live events for 5-days in a row, started to take it’s toll by my mid-30’s.

In the media, you were paid big bucks by corporate companies to make them look good. I wasn’t happy about making all the big companies we worked with look good. I didn’t agree with everything they stood for, the things they supported or made money from. It really bothered me. Without mentioning names, I produced a video funded by a huge hotel company. They spoke about how they supported conservation, however, in the construction of the huge hotel we stayed in, they managed to destroy one of the biggest turtle breeding grounds on the island. I just couldn’t keep doing this.

So, mid thirties, what was I to do? I loved to learn and I wanted a career where I got better the older I got, that was ethical and morally just, that kept me on my toes, was challenging, and was different every day? Natural Medicine which I loved! Boom! Bright light moment!

I looked at courses and chose a recommended and highly regarded college and course in Sydney Australia.

So new country, 36 years old, new life, getting rid of the old ways and the old me, and becoming a brand new person. Sounds idyllic right? Well, wrong. My pride hurt for a start, where I was ‘something’, making money, living in the perfect house on my own, being 100% independent, living a certain lifestyle and with years living in a certain comfort zone, suddenly it was gone.

In my eyes I was now poor, a student, a nobody, paying a premium for a flat share, in part time work, either learning to become a coffee barrister, 

or getting shouted at by a horrible woman in an organic juicing shop because I was putting vegetables in the blender in the wrong order.

I had really bad experiences with flat mates. I started to believe it was all me, my fault, it was all doom and gloom and got myself in a terrible place. As a result my periods stopped and I put on 3 stone in weight. All this despite being on a nutrition course, supposedly having all the answers and living by the ocean in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I felt like a fake and wanted to hide forever.

But things move forward and I finally found an amazing place to work and an amazing lady to live with. Things started to resolve but I felt ‘damaged’ and felt extremely fragile. I wanted to be alone. I worked in a yoga centre alongside 18 complementary medicine practitioners from acupuncture, councillors, herbal medicine practitioners, remedial massage therapists and I was ‘kept’ afloat by this team of amazing people. I excelled at the course and loved every piece of new knowledge and understanding I discovered.

Learning nutritional medicine was a big slap for me, a huge eye opener. I thought I knew it all already. Throughout the course, they stripped you of all your longstanding beliefs about nutrition and herbs, and taught you from scratch, laying the foundations to creating a qualified and competent practitioner, confident in making the best decisions for the person in their care. I was in class 20 hours a week. This included clinic time. As an international student you had to have far more face-to-face time than a regular student. The study time was another 20 hours per week. However, learning what I loved was also the best thing in the world.

‘Huge shout out and recommendation to Adèle Dobson of Remedy Health. I have been working with her for a while, initially for my chronic fatigue and since finding out I was pregnant she has seamlessly adapted her approach and advice to support me.

Knowing she is in my corner fills me with such confidence and assurance that I’m doing all I can for this little human I’m growing – which as all you mumma’s will know is a scary and highly-pressured time.

So much love for this woman. She is amazing at what she does.’

Sarah-Jane Adams


During my years studying, I started to eat meat and fish again for health and nutrition reasons. This was one of the hardest things I ever did. I kept apologising to the animal I was eating and with time it got easier. I can’t say I feel great about it but I am grateful every time I eat meat or fish and I eat it mindfully, not too much too often. It made me feel instantly better. For the first time in years I felt like my feet were on the ground. My skin improved, my nails strengthened, my mood stabilised. I was finally getting the nutrients my body was deprived of all those years.

After I graduated at the end of 2013, I returned to the UK and started out working in Shoreditch, London as a remedies advisor and spent a year there before going alone and building REMEDY HEALTH as a nutritional therapist.

So, aside from nutrition and natural medicine, what makes my heart sing?

Hamboarding – a relatively new project. Basically its paddle boarding on land – using a land paddle and extra long ‘skateboard’. Every Sunday evening I practice in the huge empty Fords carpark in Warley. I’m super sad to hear they’ll be building new housing on this soon. I need to find a new place to go!

Cats – love them, and had them all my life. I currently have two crazy rescue cats that are my biggest and most joyous distraction throughout a work day at home.

Nature, wildlife, animals, the environment – I respect the power of nature and the way we work within it. We continuously have to learn from it. 

Stand-up paddle boarding – something I visualised from seeing it in Australia. I had a vision of me, in a little car, with a paddle board on the roof, and going to where the water called my name. You never thought that would materialise into me, driving around in my little black Ka, with paddle board in tow going to places such as the Chelmer or River Crouch, and the Thames Estuary – my dream came true. I created the life I dreamt off and Essex has become beautiful through my eyes. 

Music – another huge passion of mine – I have quite an eclectic taste in music. I love discovering something new – it’s like winning the lottery.


I am currently building the largest and most understanding nutritional clinic in Essex, specialising in digestive health issues, immune dysregulation (autoimmunity) and female health issues.

I believe I was meant to heal people. I believe I have a natural gift for healing and I want to use it.

I was brought up on natural medicine and have an affinity and appreciation of how nature works. I want to be the ‘change’ that is desperately needed in the world.

– Adele Dobson



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