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These are the most common questions we get asked. If there is a question you have that is not answered here please get in contact via email. Remember, you can make use of the FREE 15-minute pre-consultation to discuss your case with me and ask me the most pressing questions you have.

How long will it take until I get better?

The answer is, it depends.

• It depends on the health issue or health issues.

• It depends on what we define as ‘get better’.

• What does ‘feeling better’ look like for you?

• What would be different then to what it is now?

• What is your daily schedule like?

• What are your energy levels like?

• Do you like cooking?

• Do you need to learn to cook?

• Do you have family to consider when it comes to cooking and food choices?

• How committed are you?

• What worked for you in the past? What didn’t?

• What were the reasons that previous health plans did not work for you?

• Are you looking at a short term fix or lifetime change?

The other major factor to take into consideration is ‘we are all different’. No one person will respond in the same way. That is why every single person is treated differently. That is why one person with diabetes is not treated in the same way another person with diabetes is treated. And because of all the different variables, they will not respond in the same way either.

If someone came to me with diabetes, the plan we’d put together would be dependent on what that person wants to achieve. What type of diabetes they have. What were all the causative factors in the development of their diabetes. Do they need to lose weight? Is exercise and movement a challenge? What are they eating now? What if they hate all varieties of vegetables? What if the changes made to their life were perceived as too hard to do? What if they went on holiday frequently and liked to drink and eat a lot whilst away?

You see, there are lots of different factors to consider. It’s called being human. Remember, you are at a huge advantage by working one-to-one with your very own nutritionist. We can change, adapt, make things easier, make it more challenging, take it slow, use other resources that you like the look of, run things by me ….

I’m like your very own number one fan, with a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you make the right choices for you and what you want to achieve. Some people go away on holiday, don’t see me for a couple of months, go back to old habits which may have caused the issues we’re working on, yet, they come back and we start again. I have people who want to restart a plan after 2 years of not seeing me.

Remember, there are no rules. This is a journey. It’s your journey. No-one else's. I am here to help you get to wherever you want to be.

What if the test results don’t show anything wrong with me?

Some of the tests we use can be quite an investment and I often get asked, what if it doesn’t show anything? Have I wasted my money?

I like to reframe this in a positive light. First, it’s great news that we didn’t find any obvious issue and second, we’ve immediately ruled out a route cause to your health issue. Which means, there are fewer possibilities as to what is causing the issue. And therefore we’re one step closer to identifying the problem. Whatever the results come back with, it’s always positive. No information IS information.

With testing, we are exploring the ‘most likely’ cause or causes to the health issue. Whether it stems from an unhealthy gut, severe nutrient deficiencies, unbalanced hormones, toxic load, or other. Given your symptoms, health history and diet, we’re able to make a good guess as to where the issue stems from, and with testing we can either confirm or not confirm this, and get more information to help tailor the nutrition plan.

What if it does not work?

In rare cases, what we do may not work. Or it takes time. Or the changes are so small you hardly notice them. Sometimes, it takes a little ‘trial and error’ before we hit the jackpot. Sometimes nothing happens for ages and then suddenly, everything changes at once.

Bear in mind, some of the health issues people come to see me with have taken a lifetime to manifest. It may therefore take time to get really well again. The successes are with those who persist, and who understand that sometimes, it’s not an easy process.

I appreciate how much trust it takes to work with a nutritionist especially if it’s the first time you’ve tried nutritional therapy and it’s such a new concept to you. You’re telling me EVERYTHING, you’re investing a lot of money into tests and supplements you know nothing about, it may seem your life is in my hands. This is never taken for granted.

If at any point you feel uncomfortable please feel free to say so and we’ll adapt things accordingly. Frequent and open communication can really strengthen the relationship between the therapist and patient and is encouraged. It can greatly enhance the outcomes. Help me to help you.

Is nutritional therapy for me?

Nutrition can be applied in which ever way you need. It can be used as a stand alone therapy or it can be used alongside another therapy or therapies.

You may get the result you require from a couple of simple changes to what you are already doing. You may want to give your body a little strengthening boost before surgery. You may want a little guidance on eating optimally for your lifestyle choices. Or you may want a complete change, to address a chronic health issue, which requires nutritional therapy and much more.

Whatever it is you are seeking, nutritional therapy can be applied in a number of different ways.

When may nutritional therapy not be right for you?

It may not be the right therapy for you if it aids an existing issue. For example, those with eating disorders who have not worked with appropriate therapies to help them explore and manage their perceptions and behaviours.

Nutritional therapy may not be the most appropriate therapy for those who are in A&E or critical care where complimentary therapy is difficult to administer or considered a priority.

If you don’t like the thought of change, or hate the thought of cooking, don’t despair. With some coaching we can explore and find ways to dissolve the blocks that stop you from being where you want to be. You just need to want it. If you are not sure, please ask.

Why can’t I buy my supplements from Holland and Barrett?

Whether it’s Holland and Barrett, Boots, Tesco’s or a cheap supplement brand available online, it’s tempting to source your own supplements to keep the costs down. The supplements we recommend for you are chosen specifically for you and a lot of work goes into researching the right ones.

We consider the following:

1. The cost - one of the main priorities is keeping costs down for you. We need you to get the most for your money. There are overpriced supplements, there are formulas which include everything you need in one tablet, there are cheap supplements which contains forms of nutrients that are poorly absorbed. We look at cost per dose of the ‘active ingredients’. One example, you’d need to take 13 capsules of a standard fish oil from H&B to only one tablet of the one we frequently prescribe. It’s s huge different and makes a big difference in whether it will make you better or not.

2. The nutrients that need to take priority - there are thousands of nutrients and supplements out there, making lots of promises and claims - we help you bypass all the ‘noise’ and provide you with what you need. It’s so tempting to buy a trendy powder or formula that claims to heal every ailment. We keep it simple, and place focus on the most important and effective nutrients.

3. The excipients - lots of ‘off the shelf’ nutrients contain additives such as colours, sweeteners, flavourings, animal sourced ingredients, common allergens and ingredients that may exacerbate your symptoms.

4. What form of a nutrient is best for you. For example, magnesium comes in many different forms - some are better suited for cardiovascular health, brain health, energy, sluggish bowel movements, muscle cramping etc

5. The ‘therapeutic’ dose you require (this is very different to RDA)

6. Any interactions with your medications (prescription and off the shelf).

7. Whether you prefer tablets, powders or liquids.

8. Whether it’s for a newborn, child, adult or a senior.

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