Functional Testing

Tailor a Plan specifically For You

Which Conditions Can Nutritional Medicine Help?

Functional laboratory testing can play an important role in ascertaining any key imbalances in your system.

They are used to investigate the route cause of a reported symptom, to optimise current health or to monitor progress during or after a nutrition programme.

Testing is recommended at the most appropriate times throughout a treatment plan and can help tailor the plan more specifically to an individuals needs and therefore help improve the outcome.

These tests are carried out by external laboratories. Some of the functional testing on offer includes, but is not limited to the following:


Nutrition Tests

  • Nutrient Status testing
  • Organic Acids testing


  • Oral health and microbiome profile
  • Vaginal health and microbiome profile

Health Risk Profiles

  • Cardiovascular and Metabolic Syndrome Assessments


  • DNA and genetic testing

Food Reaction Tests

  • Allergy testing (IgE)
  • Food Intolerance testing (IgG)
  • Lactose Intolerance test
  • Comprehensive gluten intolerance and coeliac test

Endocrine Tests

  • Adrenal Stress Test
  • Complete Thyroid Panel
  • Female and Male Hormone testing

Gastroenterology Tests

  • Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (bacteria, yeast and parasites)
  • SIBO Breath test (glucose and lactulose)

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