Understanding Nutrition

At Remedy Health we want you to feel like we’re working in partnership with you. You can trust us to provide tailor-made solutions for your health…we create personalised programmes for every client.

Applying a Functional Medicine approach where we see each person as a ‘whole’, not just as an isolated set of symptoms, we spend time listening to your history and looking at the interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex chronic disease.

We will listen to your story with an aim to build a relationship with you and through deep understanding and trust, facilitate a welcome improvement in your health.

We work tirelessly to find a solution no matter how complex your health issues are. They will be heard. Nothing will be dismissed, no matter how odd or crazy you feel it may sound. Our aim is to give you a result that will change your life.

Our focus is a complete cure or remission with ease. Without it being too complicated or difficult to sustain.

We know that you have felt like giving up, frustrated, angry, and alone.

We understand that you worry that it will always be this way, that there is no hope, that there is no cure or relief.

But during my process, let me assure you of this…

1. You will be ‘heard’, someone cares, someone has the knowledge you need to be helped.

2. You will feel new hope.

3. There is an answer.

4. It is gentle and will not cause further physical pain.

5. You will be supported throughout her healing journey.

Our aim? For you to feel energy, vitality, clear-headed, slim, and back in control.

We look at the underlying issues that could be causing your poor health – sleep, marriage, and other environmental concerns and we address them, taking the role of life coach – a health detective – the Sherlock Holmes of your life!


I use a holistic approach in all consultations with my patients. This means I consider the person as a whole, as a sum of all the interconnected components that make that person individual and unique. When we look at the whole body, each component can be seen on a biochemical, cellular, systematic level, and all components are interconnected. It also means I consider all other possible influencing factors to the patient including their

physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being when assessing health problems. So for example, if a patient comes to me with IBS, I will not treat just the disease, or treat just the digestive system. I will take into account all other historical and current health issues, diet, medication, physical activity, emotional state, lifestyle, needs and desired outcome.

We all have different body shapes, different lifestyles, likes and dislikes. We are all motivated or demotivated by different things. We react to foods very differently, physically and emotionally. Some of us eat a lot, some of us eat very little. Some need a lot, some sustain on small amounts. The energy expenditure differs greatly from one person to the next. The health state of one individual is not the same as the next person. The life events that make up a person, and related emotions, are very unique to that person. No two people are the same and must not be treated as such.



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