About Adele

About Adele

Adele has a lifelong passion in all things nutrition, nature and its medicines. 

Like most people she started out in the corporate world, successfully working in a stressful and demanding career producing videos and live events in Hong Kong. In her early thirties she started to feel the negative effects of an adrenaline fuelled job role, working for money hungry corporations, a fruitful nightlife and very little sleep. 

In her spare time, and since her early teens, she would be reading about foods as medicine, herbs, discovering what the local medicines were growing in her tropical garden, suggesting alternative remedies for friends, working in energy medicine and gaining the benefits of being out in nature. 

In her mid thirties she made the biggest and bravest change of her life so far – moved to another new country, started sleeping at normal times, gave up drinking and smoking, started living outside her comfort zone, started her 3-year full-time studies in nutritional medicine to lay the foundations of a new way of life and career. 

Her family were a huge influence. Both parents being animal and nature lovers, mum was the foraging expert, they were great teachers, so the interest was already in her genes. 

With the influences of local, European and living in other continents, she combines that of tradition, and that of modern science to bring you the most comprehensive form of nutrition medicine.