About Adele

Adele grew up with a mother who knew how to make culinary delights from plants, fruits and fungi from the woods, and who also knew how to use plants as medicine to help minor ailments such as allergies, skin wounds and the occasional throat infection. Even on the hair and skincare side, vinegar was sometimes added to water as a hair rinse (an amazing hair conditioner).

IMG_0049Adele has an inherent sensitivity for the welfare of animals and the environment, where even before she reached her teenage years she insisted on eating a vegetarian diet.

Throughout her life she has been a knowledge seeker, trying to find answers related to natural and alternative medicine, health, diet, the environment – without a doubt, she was born with a clear purpose in life.

Adele has not always been working in the world of natural medicine. She worked in Hong Kong for many years in TV, video and event production, leading a very typical, stressful, adrenaline fuelled life. When she reached her mid thirties, it was time for change, to live and work in a way that was more true to her. Her life experiences are invaluable in helping understand all those who are living, working and playing hard.

After spending her life savings to study a three year full time, Nutritional Medicine Advanced Diploma, in Sydney Australia, at one of the most highly regarded Naturopathic and colleges, Naturecare College, she finally graduated with mostly high distinctions in 2013.

Naturopathic Nutrition AssociationAdele is a fully insured, full member of the NNA (Naturopathic Nutrition Association), and keeps up-to-date with the most current information and scientific discoveries in nutrition to ensure she remains one step ahead, and offers the most professional and appropriate solution for her clients.

She is available to you, for nutritional consultations, to answer general questions and to guide you on your journey to a healthier you.