Understanding Nutrition

Are You Sick & Tired of Feeling Sick & Tired?

Are you going round in circles in the conventional medical system, handed from person to person, feeling desperate, exhausted and misunderstood?

Do you want someone to listen – REALLY listen – someone to understand the way you feel, understand that you are unique and provide tailor-made treatment specifically for you? 

This Could Change EVERYTHING…

You see, whilst pills and ointments mask outward symptoms – they’re not a real cure – and frankly, they just don’t last. 

You are about to understand how to intelligently heal your body holistically and effectively from the core outwards, guided by someone who holds herself to a standard of excellence that you’ll love, and finally takes the time to give your body what it really needs to heal, through complete respect, UNDERSTANDING and care.

‘Everyone Is Unique’


Finding a Professional Consultant Who…

Takes the time to Understand you completely; your day-to-day life, your pains, your dreams…

Is highly Qualified with in-depth knowledge of the traditional and the new

Is Experienced with years of understanding nutrition to open up new and better options for you

Wants What You Want; meaning your well-being is the priority

Cares and genuinely wants to support you in every way

Is Committed to stick with you UNTIL YOU ARE WELL

‘Very many thanks to the lovely Adele. I first saw her a couple of months back when I was really quite ill. After carefully following Adele’s advice I now feel like a different person and am even able to start cutting down on my medication. I recommend anyone who is unwell to give Adele a try – there really is nothing to lose and everything to gain.’

Sue Jackson


With over 30 years experience of nutritional medicine and 5 years of immersion working deeply with 100’s of clients worldwide, embracing the latest science and oldest traditions, you can rest assured you are about to be in safe, highly experienced and trust-worthy hands.

As a caring, approachable, smart (and definitely unshockable), holistic nutritionist, Adele Dobson prides herself on working closely in a committed partnership with you, to understand you completely and create your own unique and intelligent blueprint journeying you back to full, hopeful and happy holistic health.

So if you recognise that transformation doesn’t happen overnight, and you are ready to step up and do the work to make change, then it’s time to contact Adele and take your first step back to optimum health.

It’s time to work with a holistic approach, a safe, collaborative system combining lifestyle, emotional well-being and nutritional medicine to create more joy, motivation and drive, so that you can feel slim, attractive, and charged with the energy to really LIVE again!

‘Take Care of Your Body It’s The Only Place You Have To Live’

– Jim Rohn


 So there I was, new country, 36 years old, a new life, getting rid of the old ways and the old me, and becoming a brand new person. Sounds idyllic right? Wrong.

 My pride was hurt for a start. I had been ‘something’, making money, living in the perfect house on my own, being 100% independent,  well, suddenly it was gone…

‘I cannot express in enough words how Adele has helped me back on the road to recovery. I turned to her after trying everything to combat the suffering from CFS and a heart attack after an accident. I thought I was doing everything I could to get back to health, but the reverse was the case I was getting worse.

She spent time listening to me and asked lots of questions. She then came back to me quickly with a plan to get me better. After extensive blood tests and following a very doable and easy dietary plan with lots of good quality supplements.

Within a few days I was feeling so much better. Several weeks on I now feel like a different person and am going from strength to strength. I have stopped taking many of the prescription drugs that I was forced to take and am continuing with the supplements and the eating plan.

I think everyone who is feeling tired, under the weather, on long term prescription drugs that are not good for them, or has other health issues should visit this woman. I believe it will save millions for the NHS if more people followed her advice.
She is not your average nutritionist, asking you to cut out wheat and dairy. She really, really gets under the skin of the problems, she knows the science and has trained very well.
Everyone around me has had colds and flu in the last few weeks and I have had the reverse.
I can not recommend her highly enough.’

Julia Reynolds



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